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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Left Brained

You are a verbally and mathematically adept person. You notice details, and you are very precise.
You are analytical and linear. You are able to not get overwhelmed and do things one step at a time.

You follow through on the plans you make. You like to have everything neat and finished before moving on.
You are a perfectionist in almost every aspect of your life. Errors and mistakes drive you crazy.


You are very idealistic. You really truly want what's best for the world.
You can't fall in love with just anyone at any time. Everything needs to align for you.

You have a strong sense of right and wrong. You are a justice enforcer.
You are interested in all types of people. You find almost everyone to be compelling.


You are a master of logic and reasoning. Emotions don't color your decisions.
You are deliberate and slow to act. You have the same impulses as everyone else; you're just better at ignoring them.

You have some loner tendencies - and you're totally okay with that. You like to do your own thing.
You are happiest in the comfort of your own home. You know how to make things nice for yourself.

Monday, August 15, 2011


The best days of your life tend to unfold spontaneously, with no planning. You like to go with the flow.
You are impulsive to the point of being a daredevil. You love to feel a big rush.

There is no adventure too great or small for you. You take on every challenge.
You would enjoy doing every single thing at Disneyland. The park is small enough to make all your dreams come true in one day!


I hear a lot of these same words to describe me in real life so I suppose it's true

You are living your own life and getting things done. You are good at taking care of yourself.
You are very independent and headstrong. You surprise yourself with your own strength.

You stand up for yourself and take charge of chaotic situations. You are assertive and responsible.
You do how you please and always look out for yourself. You love yourself and are happy that you put yourself first.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caramel Pecan Chai

As long as you can have a no strings fling, you're happy! You don't like anyone to get attached.
You just want to get out there and experience the world. You don't want to be tied down at this point in your life.

You're very inquisitive. You aren't satisfied until all your questions have been answered.
You like to work in group settings, but you'll rarely step up as leader. You think everyone should have an equal voice.


You love to be in a crowd, and you know how to work it. And you remember everyone you meet.
You keep things classy on Facebook. You see your profile as an important part of your "personal brand".

You are always on; that mind of yours never takes a break. Even when you're relaxing, you're still scheming.*
You are careful about what you post on Facebook. You post often, but you try to avoid anything that will tarnish your reputation.

Mashed Potatoes

You like the simple things in life. You think complexity is a lot of fuss and often overrated.
You take the slow and steady approach whenever possible. You never like to be in too much of a rush.

You are conventional and orthodox. You are the most normal person you know.
You like and prefer solitude. You are your own best friend.

Friday, August 5, 2011


You are inspiring and hopeful. You encourage others to follow their dreams.
You are humane and compassionate. You are merciful and kind whenever you can be.

You prefer to be around others, both when working and while relaxing. You are very socially oriented.
You expect a lot of yourself, but you're tolerant of others. You know that no one can be perfect.