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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'd Be Okay With That!

You Should Live in a Mediterranean Home

You are warm, friendly, and welcoming... and your home should be these things as well.

You like to work hard, but you also appreciate your down time more than most people.

You know how to kick back and relax. Other people find you a joy to be around.

You may not be able to be on vacation every day, but you like to bring a little vacation home with you.


Monday, June 14, 2010


You Are Daring

You are obsessed with living an exciting, unforgettable life. There's so much you want to do.

No one can tell you what to do. You take your own path in life, and you don't follow any rules.

You are the type of person who goes for it. Often times, making the right decision simply means making a decision.

Some may think you're too off the wall, but you live a carefree life that everyone envies.



Your Gaelic Name is Catriona Morven

Time is a good story teller



You Are Kind

You are a considerate person, and people appreciate your kindness more than you'll ever know.

You watch and understand people well. You know what each person in your life really needs.

You are a natural peacemaker and a truly good friend. You bring people together.

You are patient with others and willing to give them the benefit of doubt. You get along with almost everyone.



You Are Sunny

You are an upbeat, positive person who refuses to get too down in the dumps.

You realize that life is short, and you know you're going to try to have as much fun as possible!

You try to laugh, play, and love every day. You believe that happiness is a choice.

You take your responsibilities seriously, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in the process.



You Are Enthusiastic

You have a zest for life, and you're always finding something new to be excited about.

You have an amazing imagination, and unlike most people you tend to put your ideas into action.

You're always looking to improve yourself. You never stop learning or growing.

You are true to yourself and never a phony. You are always completely honest with people.


So True :)

You Are Having an Awesome Day

You feel a bit overwhelmed by the changes doing on in your life right now. You don't have a good anchor.

You are a flexible person. You tend to take life as it comes.

You are prioritizing your individuality right now. You have your own stuff to work on.

Deep down you crave freedom. You feel at peace when you are able to do what you want.


Umm, No!

I'm a total night owl, but whateverrrr ;-)

You Shine Early and Late

You're the type who's both a morning and an evening person - you just tend to slow down in the middle of the day.

You wake up fresh and ready to face the world, and then you get a second wind right before bed.

You are calm and steady. You try to pace yourself and find balance in your day.

Your do best in the spring when the world is full of hope and possibilities.


Comforting Home

Your Home is Comforting

You believe in putting your needs first, and you avoid depriving yourself.

You are likely to have a home full of your favorite things - from soft pillows to delicious food.

You believe in living in the moment. If you feel like having home baked pie, then you'll have home baked pie!

You could never feel at home in a sterile or unpersonalized house. The best homes feel lived in.