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Friday, May 28, 2010


Your Brain is Young

No matter what your actual age is, you've done a good job keeping your brain young.
You know that the key to a healthy brain is exercising it, and that's something you just do naturally.

You're the type of person who is curious about everything, and your curiosity makes your brain healthy.
Keep reading, learning, and engaging with the world. You've figured out the secrets to being mentally sharp.


You Are Peaceful and Content

You have reached a point in your life where you've accepted things and found bliss.
You cultivate a sense of gratitude, and you believe that each day you're given is special.

You have a low tolerance for drama, and you have been known to cut troublesome people out of your life completely.
You are a daydreamer, but there is nothing lofty about your dreams. You can be perfectly happy just watching the clouds.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Your Happy Word is "Hope"

You refuse to give up on anyone, including yourself. You see the best in others.
You think happiness should be shared. You spread your message of optimism as much as possible.

You will keep believing when everyone else has stopped. You think good will always prevail in the end.
You believe if we trusted each other more, the world would be a better place. All we need is a little hope.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


You Are Optimistic

Some people may consider you to be a bit too boring, but you find comfort in routine.

You are a naturally brainy person. Ideas always excite you.

You have very sweet and tender feelings about your friends. You truly miss your friends when you can't spend time with them.

Expression and art recharge you. You feel best when you are able to make something.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


You Are a Warm Person

You are welcoming to everyone you meet. You are friendly and even a little touchy-feely at times.

You are curious about people, and you find a lot of value in friendships. You need lots of human connections.

You are bold and enthusiastic. You like to try new things, and you crave a challenge.

Your energy comes in bursts, and you tend to burn brightly until you burn out.



You Are Extremely Adventurous

You are adventurous to the point of being reckless. You need to keep your adrenaline pumping.

You have a playful approach to life, and you get a lot of joy from taking risks. You like to life in the moment.

Like most adventurous people, you get bored easily whenever you are between thrills.

Try to find adventure in everyday life. Eat a new meal or make a new friend. That will hold you over until your next big fun experience.



You Are Active

You are a generous person who always has a million things going on. Yet, you still rarely say no.

You are a doer. Being active makes you feel good, especially when you're spending time with others.

You may have a packed schedule, but you always make sure to make time for your friends.

You don't seek out attention, but you still get lots of it. You are a very popular person.


Sunday, May 2, 2010


You Are the Honest One
You are very open and honest. You have nothing to hide, and you have no problem telling very personal stories.
You may give people a little too much information, but you figure that's their problem, not yours.

You don't always tell others what you think of them, but if they ask you, you'll tell them the real deal.
People either love you or hate you, and you're okay with that. You just want to know how they really feel.

Disgusted? Not Me!

You Are Not Easily Disgusted
Wow, nothing ever grosses you out. Have you considered becoming a doctor?
You find humans fascinating, and you're way too curious to let yourself feel revolted by anything.

You tend to gravitate toward the more eccentric side of life, even if you're fairly straight laced yourself.
It's likely that you occasionally gross other people out with your stories. You forget how queasy the general population is!

Unique-- But of Course!

You Are Unique
You are original and a total nonconformist. You take a lot of pride in doing your own thing.
In fact, you can be downright defiant at times. You don't like anyone telling you what to do.

While you are a rebel, you are also extremely tolerant and accepting. You think people should be themselves.
You are laid back and easy going. You refuse to participate in the rat race, and you're better off for it.


You Are Sympathetic Toward the World
You are a very kindhearted person, and you are definitely concerned about the world.
At times, you feel like you have to take a break from caring... you get overwhelmed by your emotions.

You may not do the most charity work, but it doesn't mean you don't notice all of the problems around you.
Just continue to do what you can. Our planet needs more people like you - that's for sure.

Blue House!

You Should Live in a Blue House
You are an intense thinker, but you also have a calm about you.
You spend a lot of time ruminating, trying to figure out this world you live in.

Friends think you're wise, and they come to you first for advice.
You are a realist, and you tell it like it is - even if how it is isn't pretty.

Hearty Breakfast!

You Are a Hearty Breakfast
You are down to earth and mild mannered. You don't tend to make a fuss.
You can be a bit stubborn at times. You know what you like, and you don't tend to change your mind.

You like to stay in your comfort zone. You don't really like surprises or change much.
You aren't complacent... you're just practical. Why mess with what works?