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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Onion Rings

You Are Onion Rings

You are funky and full of flavor. You definitely have a strong personality.
You are willing to take risks and fall flat on your face. You rarely do fail though.

You have a knack for what works. Everyone but you is surprised by your results.
You are always yourself, even though you're a bit quirky and offbeat. You wouldn't know how to be anyone else.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Middle Time

You Are the Middle Toe

You are naturally very aggressive and competitive. You go for what you want.
You like to get ahead, but there is nothing traditional about your approach to success.

You use your creativity and your wit to your advantage. You are a flexible thinker.
You have a lot of inner fire and strength. You harness your passion well.

That Would Be Nice...

You See Peace in Your Future

Five years from now, you'll be living a calmer, less hectic life.
You are working hard at managing the chaos in your life right now, and eventually that will pay off for you.

Ten years from now, you will be deeply fulfilled. You will have found a whole new meaning to your life.
By being able to slow down and focus more, you will discover what truly matters to you.

Natural Colors

Madeline Sophie- I Approve!

Your 2010 Name is Madeline Sophie

How modern!

Love Me The Sun

You Are SPF 2

You love the sun, and the sun loves you. You always have a sun kissed glow.
It's likely that you are very athletic and very outdoorsy. Nature is your element.

You get depressed if it's too cloudy or gloomy for too long. You are solar powered.
If you could, you would sunbathe all the time. Being in the sun makes you feel at peace.


You Are Deep

You are completely self sufficient. You are your own happiness.
You are content with your life and the world. It's hard to bum you out.

You see how everything is cyclical. You understand that nothing is permanent.
Insightful and smart, you know enough to get how the world works yet still realize there is more to learn.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love me the ocean

You Are Laid Back and Low Key

You are most comfortable when you are challenging yourself and trying something new.

You are drawn to passion and emotion. You see the world as a colorful place.

You seek a bit more depth in your life, but you are slowly changing. You don't like to rush anything.

You believe that if you look closely enough at people, they all have their own unique beauty.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You Are Inspired

You are always thinking up new and amazing ideas. You are not bound by rules or convention.
You never do something the same way more than a few times. And you never follow a schedule, script, or recipe.

You love to experiment, and you just laugh if your experiments fail miserably. You're always learning something.
You never get too attached to any one thing or idea. You'll just end up changing it soon enough anyway!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Your Utah Name is Jennabee Paisley

"I am the last leaf on the tree, and the wind is blowing."

Sunday, July 11, 2010


You Are Cheerful

You are a friendly and welcoming person. You know how to make the best of a bad situation.

You tend to think most about ideas and concepts. You are very intellectual.

You are open minded and tolerant. You believe strongly that people should be allowed to do their thing.

You have the most fun when things are simple. You don't like making a big fuss out of anything.

Reasonable Money

Your Money Personality is Reasonable

You are likely very financially savvy. You probably track your purchases down to the penny.

Even if you have money problems, you try to avoid letting them stress you out. You try to stay on top of your finances.

You are a careful and reasonable person. You think clearly before you make a decision.

You are the type of person who has trouble throwing things away. You tend to have a bit of clutter in your life.


You Have a Sweet Smile

You smile because you are a truly happy person. There is nothing contrived about your smile.
You find life and other people to be delightful. You're often grinning without even knowing it.

You are an extremely honest and open person. It's easy to read your face to know what you're thinking.
Luckily, you're usually thinking upbeat and positive thoughts - so you really don't have anything to hide!


You Are Blue

You are a highly tolerant and peaceful person. You have a lot of compassion and respect for people.
You love that the USA is a country with many different people. You may not agree with what everyone believes, but you agree with their right to believe it.

You look for the common bonds that Americans share. You rather unite than divide people.
You'd like to see more understanding and less fighting. You find it hard to stomach politics.

Happy Rain

Rain Makes You Happy

You tend to move slowly, but you still get a lot done. You are steady.

You tend to have your head in the clouds. You are a bit absent minded, and you're often lost in your thoughts.

You are well prepared for anything life throws at you. You keep your expectations low.

You prefer to be around people who are familiar and trusted. Your best friends are your oldest friends.

You find peace when you are alone. You know how to balance your emotions well.


Adventure is in Your Big Picture

Right now you're going where no person has gone before. There isn't a well paved path to your destination.
You like taking life as it comes. You enjoy your future being a surprise.

You approach each day with no expectations, and you are willing to accept whatever happens.
You are amazed by every experience you have. You savor the ups and downs of life.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Very True!

Your Style is Natural

You prefer things that aren't overly fussy or ornate. For you, simple is best.
If possible, you like a more natural look - or at least a look that was inspired by nature.

You are turned off by wild colors and too much flair. You don't think style needs to be complicated.
You know that less is often more. You strive to live a simpler life than most.

Amelia Hayworth...I like it!

Your Snobby Name is Amelia Hayworth

The true snob never rests

I Try

You Are Warm

You are very interested in other people. You have great deal of sympathy and compassion.

You are a confident person, and you're aware of the image you project. You act like you're in control even when you're not.

You are not very comfortable being approached. Conversations with strangers are difficult for you.

You are engaged and paying attention to the world. You are a good listener.


You Are A Mild Insomniac

You aren't like the walking dead during the day, but you could probably use a little more sleep.
Even if you don't have trouble falling asleep at night, you tend to drag a little during the day.

Try to make sleeping soundly a priority. Cut back on caffeine. Make your bed and bedroom comfortable.
Just getting an extra half hour of quality sleep could make a big difference for you.