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Friday, December 24, 2010


You are a complex thinker, and you're good at creating elaborate theories and projects.
You tend to have a lot of technical knowledge. You love to learn how to do things.

You are innovative and competent. You can often see where others have gone wrong.
You are also a bit of a skeptic. You aren't going to believe anything until you've investigated it yourself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


You love the holidays, and you don't get too hung up on how they should or shouldn't be.
You go with the flow, and you try to appreciate every nice little thing that happens.

You are open to new holiday experiences. You like traditions, but they certainly aren't set in stone.
Unlike most people, you rarely feel lonely during the holidays. You can always stay occupied with something!


You are open minded, flexible, and adventurous. You never quite know where you're going, and you like it that way.

You are hard working and live fast. You want to accomplish great things in your life.

You find that most tasks are more difficult than you anticipated. And you don't give up until the job is done.

You work hard for the material rewards you get in the end. You wouldn't have your job if it didn't pay you.

Friday, December 17, 2010


You are a sentimental gift giver. You prefer to give gifts that have meaning, even if they aren't particularly useful.

You are spontaneous and impulsive. You tend to do things quickly, and you're quite impatient.

You are very organized and together. No one would ever accuse you of being a slob.

You don't think outward appearances matter much. As long as you're clean and neat, you're good!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

which of your debts do you feel was most worth it?

I feel like I should say my school loans because they did educate me, but I'm going to go with traveling. I've never regretted a trip I've taken, even if it ended up on a credit card. That said, I've also taken a few trips debt free and they are more enjoyable! ;-)
(Good question, whoever posted it...)

Ask me anything

Ask me anything


You are an avid reader, and you probably buy a lot of books. And nothing beats an inexpensive paperback you can carry around.
You read whatever you feel like reading. You aren't a snob, and you aren't ashamed of your tastes.

You always have a stack of books to get through, and it seems to be constantly multiplying.
You don't mind waiting for a book you want to come out in paperback. You have plenty to read in the meantime!

Bianca Holly

Let it Snow!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gingerbread Latte

You are love anything classic, especially if it comes with an interesting modern twist.
You look forward to the holidays more than anyone you know. You're always excited to revisit memories and make new ones.

You believe in the importance of connection. You always take time for the important people in your life, including yourself.
You are lighthearted and carefree, and you're definitely not boring. You like to spice things up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spending Creatively

You give some of the most amazing gifts around, but you don't go broke buying them.
Almost every gift you give has a handcrafted, personalized touch. Your gifts are special.

You rather spend time on your gifts than money. You want every gift you give to be a treasure.
You would never get someone a generic gift. You like your gifts to show how well you know the recipients.


"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


You are an idealist. You have a dream of how the world should be, and you resist straying from from your ideals.
People accuse you of being a romantic, and it's true enough. You believe in fairy tale endings.

You're the type of person who believes that less is more. You don't like clutter of any kind.
You appreciate luxury more than other people. You can't help it... you have expensive tastes!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree

You like to party and live it up during the holidays. This is a time to be festive and celebrate.

You are an outdoorsy, down to earth person. Authenticity matters a lot to you, and you don't mind hard work.

You like your holiday decor to have personal meaning. Your ornaments and decorations each tell a story.

This holiday season you are grateful and spiritual. You are tapping into the deeper meaning of the holidays.

Open Minded

You prefer music that is new, different, and even a bit experimental. You have broad tastes.
You are both a tolerant and adventurous person. You'll take a risk and even enjoy yourself if it doesn't work out.

You are cosmopolitan and well versed in culture. Many of the things you love are acquired tastes.
You are progressive and even downright radical. Your ideas are definitely a bit outside the mainstream!


You are an accepting and adaptable person. You let yourself go with the flow.
You are interested in the world ideas. You're much more concerned with how the world could be than with how it is.

You are idealistic and philosophical. You're always thinking of ways to improve the lives of others.
Social justice and equality is very important to you. Even if you aren't political, you have causes close to your heart.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


You are decisive and determined. You are good at taking action when the time is right.
You are honest and even a little critical. When it comes to your opinions, you don't hold back.

You are headstrong and very set on doing what you want to do. It's hard to convince you not to follow your gut.
You are daring and courageous. You're willing to take all sorts of risks and stand up to anyone who questions you.


You are a calm and content person. You find that the key to life is easy... just be yourself!
You believe in the importance of letting go. You release your anxieties and welcome renewal.

You are a generous person, and you look for the best of people. You promote peace and trust.
You value intellect and experience. Unlike most people, you truly respect your elders.

Apple Cinnamon Tea

You are a warm and friendly person. You have a compassionate heart, and it shows.
You are naturally sweet and kind. Your spirit of generosity is far reaching.

You love to be cozy and comfortable. You are a natural homebody.
And while you like to be at home, you're not a hermit. You love it when your friends make themselves at home at your place.

Aqua Bug

You are a bastion of harmony and tranquility. You have come as close as possible to achieving inner peace.
You have a lot of perspective on the world. You are able to see things clearly... much more than most people.

You can see all sides to an issue or person. You try to find the middle ground or middle road.
You are confident and sure of yourself. You are clear headed, and that allows you to do that needs to be done.

Smart Shopper

You enjoy holiday shopping, but you don't live for it. It's not an obsession or fixation of yours.
You're likely to shop efficiently and quickly. You get your shopping done early and don't go overboard.

You aren't lured in by cheap gimmicks or Black Friday sales for items you have no need for.
If you see an unusually good bargain, you'll snap it up. However you never go crazy or go broke.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You are old fashioned and consistent. You don't think there is much wrong with the past, and you are slow to change.
You think the holidays should be all about family, gratitude, and traditions.

You dislike any part of the holidays that is too commercial. You think that too much is made about spending money.
Instead, you like to focus on the spiritual and nostalgic elements of this time of year. It's a time of love and remembering.

Friday, November 19, 2010


You are warm and friendly. You are a social creature and a true extrovert.
You are welcoming, and you love to have people over to your place. You make everyone feel at home.

You are sweet, but you aren't overwhelming. You know how to be subtle with people. You have tact.
You love life, and people love to be around you. You are very popular without trying to be.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


You are creative, talented, and ambitious. You prefer to let your actions speak for themselves.
You may seem quiet and meek, but you're not. You may not always say how you feel, but you do what you want to do.

You are good at what you do, and your success is partially a result of lots of hard work.
You're a big believer in practice makes perfect. And you sure practice a lot!


You love openly and easily. You can usually find something to love about someone or something.
You are very compassionate and forgiving. You understand that no one is perfect.

Whenever possible, you try to love instead of hate. You believe that there is too much hate in this world.
You see the best in people, and you hope they see the best in you as well. You think we should all be easier on one another.


You can be an emotional and sensitive creature. Things get to you.
You are a bit withdrawn and shy, but you're also willing to come out of your shell sometimes.

You are quite flexible and easy going if your trust is earned. You like to observe quietly.
You move with the rhythm of life. You try not to fight anything.


You love movies, music, and television. You are the creative type, and you appreciate entertainment done right.
You also think that celebrities are pretty interesting. At the very least, it's an escape to read about their lives.

You don't take celebrity magazines too seriously... in fact, you probably make fun of them from time to time.
The fact that they're so outrageous is definitely part of their appeal!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


You are a patient person, and you're always willing to make time for a friend or stranger.
Like everyone else, you are often busy and in a hurry. You give others the gift of slowing down.

You know that people can't be rushed, and you believe it's rude not to give your others your full attention.
Giving someone a few minutes or a few hours shows you really care. And sometimes that's more important than all the money in the world.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Your sense of humor is goofy and silly. You try to never hurt people with your jokes.

You are the type of person who is more life smart than book smart. You are creative and intuitive.

You have fun when you're doing something new. You crave novelty and different experiences.

You are an ideas person. You aren't great on execution, but you're good at brainstorming.


You are very sleek and stylish. You always look put together, and you have a knack for fashion.
It's likely that you live in the city - or at least feel more comfortable in urban spaces.

You are cosmopolitan and open minded. You understand a lot about the world.
You are well traveled or desire to be. You love experiencing other cultures and places.


Your friends would describe you as a real "go-getter." You're very accomplished.
You're a natural leader. You always know what needs to be done and who should do it.

You trust yourself to perform well. You like to challenge yourself. You aren't afraid of failure.
You are proactive instead of being reactive. You just get going and do what needs to be done.


You are honest and comfortable in your own skin. You don't show off, but you never hide who you are either.

You are resolute and firm in your decision making. Once your mind is made up, you aren't likely to change.

You are responsible and determined to do the right thing. There is often a lot on your plate, but you handle it all well.

You rely on your friends. They are like family to you... in fact, you probably consider them to be your family.

David Letterman

You are a bit sarcastic and cynical. It takes a lot to wow you.
Your sense of humor is pretty dry. Sometimes people don't even realize that you're joking.

You're the type of person that people are dying to impress. People often make a fool of themselves around you.
Your standoffishness and aloof demeanor only makes you more appealing!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


You're the type of person who's always looking out for yourself, friends, and even strangers.
You always do what's right, even if it means sacrificing temporary pleasure.

You live a healthy and compassionate lifestyle. You take good care of yourself, and you're able to give back to others.
You are shrewd and discerning. You are good at figuring out the best course of action.

Black Cell Phone

You are powerful, assertive, and a real go getter. You never have any problem getting what you want.
You value success, and part of that success means having the latest and greatest things.

You tend to be the first in line for the newest cell phone. You like to have as many features as possible.
You know that things don't make people happy... but they sure make life more fun!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party Animal...Yea Right!

You party hard, and you party like there's no tomorrow. You figure why hold back?
You would have fit in perfectly at Studio 54. You can dance up a storm, and you always look good.

When you party, sometimes things get out of hand. For you, that's what a party is all about!
You are a big fan of excess. You only have one life, so you might as well live it up.


You push yourself, but not too much. You believe that slow and steady wins the race.
You have realistic goals and a good plan for how to achieve them. You work hard.

You keep your eye on the prize, but you also know when to give yourself a break.
You know that all work and no play is no way to live, and you definitely know how to have fun when the time is right.

Pumpkin Costume

You are cute as a button, and you're fit to be something low key like a pumpkin.
You are easygoing and even a little bit shy. You rather blend in than stand out.

You prefer a Halloween that is fun and relaxing. You don't want to go too crazy.
If your belly is full of treats by the time the night is over, you will have considered it a success.


You are active around the holidays, and you are big on keeping traditions alive.
You have an amazing memory, and you're good at recreating past events.

You love to get a big group of friends together. You can't imagine spending Halloween by yourself.
You love decorating, picking out candy, carving pumpkins, and dressing up. You really get into the spirit of things.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Left Side...Very True!

You are a logical and orderly person. You have a system for almost everything in your life.
You like to stay busy, and it's important that you stay on task. You prefer to do one thing at a time.

You are rational and detail oriented. You love to analyze, and you have a head for numbers.
You are also good with words. You love to read, and you've been known to write well.


You are a lively and energetic person. You feel psyched for so many things.
You love novelty, and you're very adventurous. You have many passions.

You get bored easily. Day to day routines feel mundane to you, and you like to shake things up.
You love to treat yourself, and even the smallest thing can serve as a "pick me up"!

Going Well

You are optimistic about both your present and your future. Things are going well for you.

You see love as companionship. You're the type of person who would fall for his or her best friend.

You expect other people to respect you. You are respectful of them in return.

Your inner child is playful. You can have as much fun as any kid!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crazy Fun

Wherever the fun is, you'll find it. You're always looking to have a good time!
You're especially fond of adventures - the wilder the better. You are quite the daredevil.

You don't have many inhibitions, and you're trying to shed those that you have left.
You love to get your heart racing. You think danger can be a thrill, and you've been known to behave recklessly.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down To Earth

You are the type of person who really enjoys life. You have simple tastes and keep your expectations low.
When it's time to let loose, you find a way to kick back. You find it easy to relax.

Your friends can count on you to be practical and no nonsense. Everyone appreciates that you live a drama free life.
It hasn't been a good night unless everyone has had fun. You're happy if your friends are happy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Double It And I'm Good

Having kids and a family is a pretty big priority for you. You're willing to sacrifice to make it happen.
Not many people have the time and money for a third child, but you can adjust and prioritize.

Three kids is a full time job, but you're are totally up for putting your other goals on the back burner.
Having a larger family is something you want to do soon, and you have plenty of time later for your career, travel, and hobbies.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


You are mild mannered and pleasant. People truly enjoy your policy.
You are willing to compromise, and you always meet others more than halfway.

You are interesting and lively. You have great stories to tell, and you make for good company.
You are both enchanting and charming. Others find you merry and witty.


You are a down to earth and practical person. You don't get caught up in flights of fancy.
You try to look at all sides of something cooly and rationally. You make prudent decisions.

You are always aware and informed. You rather know all the facts, even if they're hard to swallow.
You are together and wise. People can rely on you to be the voice of reason.

Not Stressed (Right Now)

You may have some stress in your life, but you're coping quite well.
You are able to find balance, and compared to most people, you aren't stressed out.

Consider helping out a friend or family member who is experiencing some stress.
You are in a great position, and better off than almost everyone else in the world.

Good Eats

You are a bit of a food geek, and you see the kitchen as your laboratory.
Food fascinates you, especially food science. You enjoy testing out new recipes and cooking techniques.

It's not enough for you to know that something works... you have to know why it works.
You are a huge goofball and have a silly sense of humor. You like to play around in the kitchen.