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Monday, September 28, 2009


You Crave a Cultural Adventure
Life has gotten a bit routine for you lately, and you'd like to broaden your perspective.
You want to learn and grow from your adventure. You want to know the place you visit as well as your home town.

You are an open minded and curious traveler. You're all about immersing yourself in local customs, no matter how foreign they are.
Whenever you're in a new place, you try to speak the language, eat the food, and meet the locals. After all, that's what traveling is all about!

Monday, September 7, 2009


You See the Glass as Half Full
No matter what's going on in your life, you can always find something to be thankful for.
You try to remain positive and focus on the good. It's not as easy as it seems, but it's always rewarding.

Your optimism and joy inspire the people around you. You make the world a happier place.
By seeing the glass as half full, you're sure to have more peace and contentment in your life. You might life longer too!

So very true!

You Are Not a Flirt
Flirting doesn't come easily to you, and you can't stand anything to do with it.
You just try to be as honest and real as possible. To flirt would be fake.

While there's nothing wrong with being yourself, you might benefit from being a little more assertive.
Approach someone you're interested in for a change. Try talking to someone you're into instead of only talking to those already into you!

Eh, it's okay!

You Are Raspberry Iced Tea
You are happy and enthusiastic. You naturally are outgoing and genuinely curious about people.
You can't believe how much joy there is in the world. You have many things you love in life.

You are always making new little discoveries and passing them on to your friends. For you, every day is an adventure.
Of everyone you know, you are the most likely to try a new type of drink or style of clothing.

Teaching the Wrong Grade!

You Should Teach Fifth Grade
You are laid back. You have a great sense of humor and figure "kids will be kids."
You have a lot of energy and endurance. It is hard for kids to wear you down.

You're able to roll with a rowdy classroom if you need to, but you also know how to keep students in line.
You are flexible and spontaneous. You can throw the whole plan out the window, if you need to.
You Are a Playful Yellow Car
You are youthful, carefree, and happy. You love to play and have fun.
You don't take anything too seriously, and you avoid people who do.

You embrace you inner child, and you're not afraid to be downright silly.
You have a lot of fun with life. You don't have any inhibitions.